Selenium Test Automation for absolute beginners

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Selenium Test Automation for absolute beginners

About Course

Over the last decade, the Selenium automation tool has gained a lot of popularity in the automation testing world due to its unique features like - Multiple operating support, multiple language support, multiple browsers support, open-source, and community support.

MNCs to Startups all big and large organizations are investing a lot in automation testing which has raised the demand for automation experts.

Almost all job openings for software testing in any part of the world do ask for Selenium expertise.

This is an introductory course for automation testing using selenium and java

Begin your Selenium automation learning journey by -

  1. Understanding the different Selenium components and their architecture
  2. Automate a web application on the chrome browser
  3. Understand different locating techniques to interact with web elements on an application
  4. Mastering XPath
  5. Synchronizing application under test with selenium code using waits commands
  6. Performing mouse operations

No prior knowledge of Selenium or Java is required for this course but a good understanding of manual testing will certainly help.

Course content

videoIntroduction to Selenium, its Components and its architecture
videoRunning first call flow using Selenium on Chrome Browser
videoEnvironment setup
videoLocators and Identifiers
videoMastering XPath - Part 1
videoMastering XPath - Part 2
videoOperators and Methods in XPath
videoAxes in XPath
videoWorking with dropdown
videoCSS Selectors
videoPage load timeout
videoImplicit wait and mouse operation
videoExplicit Wait
videoFluent Waits in Selenium
videoHandling IFrames
videoHandling Alerts
videoCase Study - Amazon Project
videoAssignment - Ebay Search Project
videoFacebook Signup page
Saurabh Dhingra

Saurabh Dhingra

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

Course Instructor

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

(2 Reviews)
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