Selenium for Test Automation (LIVE Course)

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Selenium for Test Automation (LIVE Course)

About Course

This LIVE course on Selenium is your stepping stone to building expertise in automation testing using Selenium with Java. 

What's in store for you?

  • Attend LIVE classes every Saturday (10 AM to 1 PM )- Session + Q&A
  • Get  100+ hours of learning (Live sessions, Videos, Hands-on Assignments, Quizzes)
  • Get support for interview preparations 
  • Enjoy free access to all upcoming exclusive meetups/webinars from QA and DevOps community. 
  • Unlock lifetime access to our exclusive QA community. 
  • Revise concepts with lifetime access to video recordings and other study materials. 
  • Get the opportunity to work as a freelancer and earn extra income.

What will you learn?

✅ Java programming Language 
✅ Selenium Test Automation Tool 
✅ TestNG Testing Framework 
✅ Design pattern 
✅ Building automation framework from scratch 
✅ Build Management tools – Maven (or Gradle) 
✅ Source Code Management tool (Git and Github) 
✅ Continuous Testing using Jenkins

About the course

The software development process has changed, and so has the QA profile. Most of the testing is done manually in the traditional software development process (Waterfall model). 

Therefore, the primary purpose of the QAs is to find defects in the work delivered by the developers. In Agile and DevOps ways of software/product delivery, everyone works towards one common goal – “Deliver high-quality products faster to the market.” and reduce the feedback loop. Reducing the feedback loop requires multiple releases, which has changed the way we look at software testing. As a result, test Automation is the need of the hour. Automated tests are crucial to reducing costs and releasing features quickly. 

This training will teach you the skills you need to successfully use Selenium for Automation Testing along with the best practices and applications. 

Meet your tutor

Saurabh is a DevOps and QA professional with 13+ years of experience in Corporate Training, Test Automation Engineering, Agile Management, Product Ownership and IT Consulting.

He is on a mission to accelerate the digital-leadership journey of top companies through his Tech Training and Consulting company Uptut. In addition, he is solving business challenges through enterprise training and consulting projects.

→ Instructed 50,000+ learners through best-selling courses across Udemy and Coursera with 4.4+ average ratings.
→ Highly rated for experiential training design, effective delivery and relevant expertise by 5,000+ corporate trainees.
→ Delivered DevOps & QA training across Singapore, India, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Hongkong.
→ Partnered with market leaders to acquire a comprehensive view of the industrial landscape.

Course content

videoTraining ModulesFree
videoDay 1 Live Recording (Introduction to Java, variable, data type and conditional statements) Start
videoDay 1 - Ppt (Introduction to Java Programming Language) Start
videoIntroduction to Java Start
videoEnvironment Setup Start
videoCode Repositories Start
videoVariables and Data Types Start
videoPrograms on Greatest out of two numbers Start
videoPrograms on Greatest of three numbers Start
videoProgram on Switch Case Statement Start
videoDay 2 - OOP Concepts in Java - Part 1 Start
videoClasses and objects in Java Start
videoClasses and Objects (Reading Material) Start
videoMethods in Java & Method Overloading Start
videoMethods in Java continue & this keyword Start
videoMethods in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoConstructors in Java Start
videoAssignment - Classes and Objects Start
videoObject oriented programming language (Reading Material) Start
videoEncapsulation in Java Start
videoEncapsulation (Reading Material) Start
videoInheritance in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoDay 3 Recording (Loops, and Arrays) Start
videoFor Loop in Java Start
videoWhile and Do While Loops in java Start
videoDay 4 - (Abstraction and Interfaces) Start
videoAccess Modifier in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoAbstraction and Interfaces in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoAssignment -2 (OOP Concepts) Start
videoAssignment - 3 (Build an personal expense tracker app) Start
videoString Manipulation in java (Reading Material) Start
videoDay 5 Recordings (Exception Handling, Static and Final, Type Casting) Start
videoException Handling in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoType casting in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoString Builder and String Buffer Start
videoStatic in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoFinal in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoJava Collections Framework (Reading Material) Start
videoLambda Expression in Java (from java 8) Reading Material Start
videoThreads in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoEnum in Java (Reading Material) Start
videoInheritance in Java Start
videoMethod Overriding in Java Start
videoAccess Modifiers in Java Start
videoDay 6 Recordings Start
videoGit Cheatsheet Start
videoGit Flow Start
videoGit flow Diagram Start
videoGit Basics (Reading Material) Start
videoGit Flow (Push and Pull) (Reading Material) Start
videoBranching in Git (Reading Material) Start
videoRaising a pull request Start
videoSelenium ComponentsFree
videoSelenium Day 1 Start
videoSelenium Day 2 Start
videoSelenium Day 3 Start
Saurabh Dhingra

Saurabh Dhingra

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

Course Instructor

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

(3 Reviews)
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