Master Selenium from basic to advance level

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Master Selenium from basic to advance level

About Course

Selenium automates browsers; that's it! What you do with that power is up to you!

You can use selenium as an administrative tool, or you can use it as a test automation tool.

IMPORTANT -- This course comes with a weekly doubt-clearing session!!

Over the last decade, the Selenium automation tool has gained a lot of popularity in the automation testing world due to its unique features like - Multiple operating support, multiple language support, multiple browsers support, open-source, and community support.

MNCs to Startups, all big and large organizations, are investing a lot in automation testing, which has raised the demand for automation experts. Almost all job openings for software testing in any part of the world ask for Selenium expertise.

This course is created keeping the current automation testing situation in mind.

The course curriculum is structured in an order that you will --

1. Selenium automation tool as a subject,

2. Testing Framework - TestNG,

3. Design Patterns to write effective code,

4. Industry Standard automation frameworks built from scratch,

5. Integration with tools like Maven (Build management tool), Git (Code repository),

6. Integration with CI/CD (Jenkins)

I believe in learning by doing, and that will be visible in the course as most of the content is practical, not just theory. Multiple quizzes and assignments are added for you to practice and master the concepts.

We will keep updating the course for our students with new assignments and topics that enhance your implementation skills.

My decade of experience in implementing automation in real-time projects and experience in teaching over 42K+ students from all parts of the world in LIVE online and offline classes is used while creating this course for you. I know what students are looking for and what should be the IDEAL PACE for them to learn.

What you’ll learn?

  • This course is all you need to crack any job interview for Selenium automation testing or to work as a selenium automation expert.
  • Basic to advanced level Selenium automation Tool
  • Basic to advanced level TestNG Testing Framework and integration with Selenium automation tool
  • Industry-standard design patterns to write effective code
  • Industry-standard Frameworks which students can implement on their own from scratch
  • Integration with tools like MAVEN (Build Management Tool),Git (Code Repository),AutoIT (Windows-based automation tool)
  • Running and scheduling selenium code and frameworks using CI/CD tools like Jenkins
  • Multiple assignments to implement all your learnings with practical examples
  • Regular updates to match the industry standards

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic understanding of Manual Testing
  • A basic understanding of Java and Object-oriented concepts are required

Who this course is for:

  • Working professionals from the manual testing field looking to transform as automation experts
  • Beginners in automation testing
  • Fresh graduates who are looking to start their career in IT
  • Professionals who are restarting their careers in IT after a break

Course content

videoIntroduction to Selenium and it's components and it's architecture8 m 26 sFree
videoSelenium 4.0 - Documentation Updates3 m 59 s Start
videoSelenium 4.0 Architecture updates4 m 53 s Start
videoGetting started with selenium web driver - Environment setup12 m 17 s Start
videoSetting up environment on MAC operating system6 m 6 s Start
videoCreate a maven project5 m 10 s Start
videoRunning first call flow using Selenium on Chrome Browser8 m 35 s Start
videoRunning Code on Edge Browser8 m 47 s Start
videoMultiple Browser Testing9 m 52 s Start
videoSetting up environment on MAC operating system6 m 6 s Start
videoSelenium Assignment - 1 | Basic Selenium Commands Start
videoRevisiting basic selenium commands Start
videoLocators and Identifiers in selenium17 m 14 s Start
videoWorking with Form elements12 m 23 s Start
videoMastering XPath locator - part 112 m 29 s Start
videoMastering XPath Locator - Part 29 m 22 s Start
videoOperators and methods in XPath10 m 48 s Start
videoAxes in XPath9 m 12 s Start
videoCSS Selector10 m 19 s Start
videoWorking with dropdown13 m 17 s Start
videoWaits - Pageload timeout12 m 36 s Start
videoImplicit wait and mouse hover operation example14 m 27 s Start
videoExplicit wait7 m 55 s Start
videoFluent wait5 m 32 s Start
videoIFrame Handling9 m 5 s Start
videoDrag and Drop Operations13 m 55 s Start
videoIFrame Handling9 m 5 s Start
videoAlert Handling7 m Start
videoCase Study - Amazon Project14 m 14 s Start
videoCase Study - Amazon Project14 m 14 s Start
videoEbay Search Product Assignment34 m 57 s Start
videoFacebook signup19 m 1 s Start
videoIntroduction to TestNG testing framework2 m 54 s Start
videoInstalling TestNG on Eclipse2 m 29 s Start
videoAnnotations in TestNG8 m 59 s Start
videoReports in TestNG4 m 31 s Start
videoEnabling Disabling a Test case1 m 16 s Start
videoControlling Order of Execution3 m 48 s Start
videoAssertions in TestNG12 m 54 s Start
videoSoft Assertion8 m 7 s Start
videoTestNG xml file3 m 19 s Start
videoOrder of execution12 m 34 s Start
videoExecuting all test cases from multiple classes2 m 2 s Start
videoExecuting all test cases within a package2 m 35 s Start
videoGrouping Test Cases7 m 24 s Start
videoParallel Testing on Multiple Browsers6 m 44 s Start
videoPassing Parameter via xml file7 m 56 s Start
videoData providers in TestNG4 m 52 s Start
videoReRun And Retry Logic9 m 18 s Start
videoSelenium Grid Setup6 m 11 s Start
videoSelenium Grid - Running code via Node5 m 28 s Start
videoRunning Parallel code on multiple nodes2 m 44 s Start
videoTest Automation Framework7 m 43 s Start
videoDirectory Structure of Framework18 m 11 s Start
videoFramework Repository link Start
videoAutomation Layer - Common Driver18 m 58 s Start
videoCommon Driver Extended6 m 49 s Start
videoAutomation Layer - Common Elements13 m 26 s Start
videoDropdown Control6 m 3 s Start
videoAlert Control9 m 7 s Start
videoFrame Control4 m 8 s Start
videoMouse control4 m 24 s Start
videoJavaScript Control5 m 55 s Start
videoWindow Handle3 m 53 s Start
videoTake Screenshots7 m 26 s Start
videoWait Utils3 m 43 s Start
videoDesign Pattern - POM24 m 31 s Start
videoPage Factory10 m 19 s Start
videoLogic Layer - Designing Pages9 m 53 s Start
videoLogic Layer - Adding logic10 m 21 s Start
videoTest layer - adding test cases16 m 41 s Start
videoTest Layer - Adding assertions6 m 55 s Start
videoTest Suite Layer4 m 38 s Start
videoConfig File Reader - To read configuration from a config file19 m Start
videoGeneration Reports, logs using Extent Reports23 m 52 s Start
videoGenerating Screenshots for failed test cases9 m 49 s Start
videoOptimizing Base Test Class8 m 7 s Start
videoRunning code through command line8 m 59 s Start
videoUploading Code in the GitHub5 m 2 s Start
videoData-driven testing working with Excel - Part 118 m 32 s Start
videoData-driven testing working with excel - Part 28 m 19 s Start
videoData-driven testing with Excel - Part 319 m 53 s Start
videoIntroduction to CI-CD5 m 6 s Start
videoSetup Jenkins8 m 27 s Start
videoExecuting selenium code with CICD tool - jenkins3 m 38 s Start
videoExecuting selenium code with CICD tool - jenkins21 m 18 s Start
Saurabh Dhingra

Saurabh Dhingra

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

Course Instructor

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

(3 Reviews)
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