Free Webinar - Docker for absolute beginners

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Free Webinar - Docker for absolute beginners

About Course

Welcome to another online meetup from Uptut, “Docker for absolute beginners.”

This meetup will cover the following topics -

Containerization and Orchestration

  1. Why are containers required? And what problem do they solve?
  2. How containers are different from virtual machines?
  3. Docker detailed architecture

Docker CLI

  1. Docker installation and setup
  2. Managing docker engine as a service
  3. Managing docker images and containers
  4. Running applications as Docker containers


  1. Networks in docker
  2. Building custom networks in docker
  3. Docker network commands

Building Docker Images

  1. Dockerfile and its instructions
  2. Building docker images with Dockerfile
  3. Containerising a Node application using Dockerfile
  4. Containerising a java application using Dockerfile
  5. Containerising a database using Dockerfile

Volumes and storage

  1. Volumes and storage in Docker
  2. Managing docker volumes

This meetup is for people who wish to start their journey in Docker containers or DevOps.

Course content

videoWebinar Video - Part 1
videoWebinar Video - Part 2
Saurabh Dhingra

Saurabh Dhingra

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

Course Instructor

DevOps Consultant and Trainer

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